Life Sciences

Industry Sector: Life Sciences 

Already part of the regional biomedical hub that includes the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Science Foundation and the Military Health System, Fairfax County is poised to move to the national forefront of life-science research and development with the 117-acre expansion of the Inova Center for Personalized Health campus in Merrifield.

Inova’s expanded and technology-focused campus includes the  Inova Translational Medicine Institute and the Inova Schar Cancer Institute. Additionally, Reston Hospital Center announced a second major expansion in 2016.

Fairfax County life-science firms such as ASCEND Therapeutics and Bode Technology Group are developing innovative products and services in diagnostics, therapeutics, remote monitoring and DNA forensics.  Bioinformatics is an emerging field that lends IT and big-data expertise to performing complex computations to manage and analyze molecular biological information and the Inova Translational Medicine Institute is in the forefront of the field of personalized medicine and genomics.  

Fairfax County’s diverse and growing population provides not only an exceptional patient base for health care providers, but homegrown opportunities for researchers requiring diversity.  It also offers a talented workforce, skilled in technology diagnostics, therapeutics, remote monitoring, genetics and DNA forensics.

The robust cloud computing and internet infrastructure resources within the county provide unlimited potential for digital solutions related to life science industries and data analytics. Bioinformatics, personalized medicine, genomics, and proteomics are among the emerging market areas.

Within the county, George Mason University offers Masters and Ph.D. programs in bioinformatics and computational biology as well as a graduate certificate program in personalized medicine.

Major players in the fields of life sciences within Fairfax County include: Kaiser Permanente,  CEL-SCI and Leidos, Quest Diagnostics and the Genetics and IVF Institute.