When was your company established?
The company was established in 1992 and became publicly traded in 2006. The company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange in 2009.

What is the origin of your company name?
The name Lightbridge conveys a technology-centered company bridging to the future.

Who owns your company?
As a publicly traded company, Lightbridge is owned by its shareholders. As of March 29, 2010 (the date of our latest Proxy Statement) Directors and Officers collectively owned 14.32% of the outstanding shares.

What is the main business focus of your Fairfax County office?
Lightbridge Corporation’s headquarters office is in Tysons Corner in Fairfax County. The company is a the leading developer of proliferation resistant fuel technology for existing types of nuclear reactors that can also be used to increase the power output of the reactors and the company also provides integrated advisory services for existing and emerging nuclear programs. By leveraging a comprehensive suite of non-proliferative technical solutions and integrated advisory services, Lightbridge Corporation addresses the critical needs of the global nuclear industry and implements safe, economical and more responsible nuclear power. The Company is uniquely positioned to address the evolving needs of existing nuclear programs while attending to the multiple concerns of fast-growing, new nuclear programs overseas. The company’s top management, including the leaders of our nuclear fuel design business and nuclear advisory services business, are based at our headquarters office in Tysons Corner.

Who are your primary customers?
Our customers are mainly foreign governments developing safe, transparent nuclear power, for which we provide advisory services and large companies that manufacture and sell nuclear fuel, for which we provide nuclear engineering services for the design of nuclear fuel.

What sets you apart from your competitors?
The biggest advantage Lightbridge has over its competitors is our people. Lightbridge’s staff is made up of some of the top leaders of the nuclear industry, both from the US and internationally. Lightbridge provides an unrivaled team of expert analysts and industry practitioners to work with clients establishing a nuclear power program. By hiring and contracting the most successful and experienced industry experts, including several of the world’s finest nuclear fuel engineers, Lightbridge is able to set itself apart from its competitors and provide the highest level of service to its clients.

Lightbridge draws upon the best experts in the world, including former leaders of:

  • Technology & fuel suppliers including Westinghouse, GE, Areva, British Nuclear Group, and Urenco;
  • Nuclear utilities including Exelon;
  • Regulatory bodies including the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission and IAEA; and
  • Government agencies including the US State Department and UK Ministry of Defence

How many employees do you have and how many do you anticipate hiring in the next 12 months?
The company has 17 full-time employees in Fairfax County plus four in Russia. In addition, in the US and overseas there are a number of world-class experts who work for the company on a contractor basis. Hiring over the next 12 months will be contingent upon business opportunities within the consultancy and R&D departments.

What are the advantages of your Fairfax County location?
In our business, there are several factors that make Fairfax County a beneficial location. First, it provides easy access to federal government offices in the Washington, DC area. Our company works closely with the executive and legislative branches of the US government as well as with embassies of several countries. All of these are within reach on short notice.
Second, Fairfax County is a business friendly environment. Lightbridge often partners with other firms in order to provide specialized expertise to clients. Several of our current and potential partners are located in Fairfax County, making it convenient for our collaborative efforts.
Third, as much of our work has an international focus, Fairfax County offers easy access to one of the largest international airports in the country. Our executive team is required to travel a significant percentage of the time, and having the convenience of Dulles Airport is important to our success.
Fourth, Fairfax County is a wonderful place to live, with beautiful neighborhoods, excellent schools, and interesting people.

Where do you see your business in five to 10 years?
As a highly profitable licensor of nuclear fuel technology into the nuclear power industry and advisor to the nuclear power programs around the world that meet and set the highest of international standards on safety, non-proliferation, transparency, and security.

Where is your company located? 1600 Tysons Blvd., Suite 550, Mclean, VA 22102, Phone: 571-730-1200, Fax: 571-730-1259,